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A peek behind the polls at our younger voters

While many races are still undecided and the control of both the House and Senate are yet to be determined, we can now move into the great sport of insight firms, pundits, and politicians examining how accurate - or inaccurate - their pre-election polling was along with their supportive reasoning. I cannot help but recall what my Poppy always told me: “Johnny, opinions are like armpits, everyone has them, and everyone’s stink.”

These analysts focus on the numbers from a closed-ended, quantitative perspective but cannot turn them upside-down to see the humans behind them. 

At Sympler, we use our conversational technology to have candid, qualitative discussions with hundreds of people at a time in their native environments. We've spoken with hundreds of Gen Z voters to dissolve the numbers, uncover their true beliefs, and embrace the human.

In just two short years, this generation will make up the largest voting population. How influenced have influencers been on these young Americans?

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While this particular report digs into Gen Z, we have years of experience engaging consumers of all ages on topics ranging from mental health to in-home medical testing, mindfulness, and the effect of male identity in fashion. Sympler’s technology has illuminated people’s inner feelings around uncomfortable and polarizing topics, from vaccines to racial bias, to allow businesses to make more astute business decisions.

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