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Unique qualitative insights platform sympler poised for growth

This news was featured on mrweb's daily research news online

Sympler, creators of the world's first empathetic conversational technology for rich, emotional consumer insights, announces the addition of two new team members. John Schiela, formerly Chief Revenue Officer at Phoenix Marketing International and EVP at TNS, joins Sympler as Chief Client Officer. Also joining the growing team as Head of Marketing is Kristin Jutton, who spent 15+ years at Phoenix Marketing International. Together, they will propel the business forward and ensure that the Company receives the exposure its product deserves.

Schiela says, “Sympler is the best-kept secret in qualitative research. The platform meshes traditional qualitative techniques with modern conversational technology to allow for scale, depth, and turnaround which is unheard of in this industry. I'm proud to be a part of it.”

Unlike traditional methods that flatten emotion, Sympler’s proprietary empathy technology enables more robust and honest conversation that taps into subconscious fears and desires, which are the true drivers of consumer behavior.

“With so many research firms consumed by “big data,” it’s refreshing to be a part of Sympler’s mission to focus on the human behind the number,” Jutton adds. “Their approach achieves a level of depth and intimacy that is impossible with traditional research. I’m thrilled to be a part of the company’s growth.”

It’s 2022, but the world still relies on 20th-century research methods,” says Sympler Co-Founder Ben Jenkins. “Most research only speaks to our conscious decision-making processes, but Sympler taps into the emotional subconscious. Our clients return to us because we consistently deliver a deeper, more empathetic understanding of decision-making that drives business. With the addition of John and Kristin, we have the strong team we need to keep pushing forward.”