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Sympler Supports A-Lister Chemistry with its Next-Gen Insights Platform

As TikTok is teetering, social listening is on its last legs and third-party cookies are history, Sympler harnesses the chatbot and chat environments to restore depth, nuance, and truth to the market research industry.

One of the platform’s early adopter clients and Ad Age A-Lister, Chemistry, has been working with the platform for 3 years, and it has paid off.  “At Chemistry, everything is an experiment. Experimentation and curiosity are core elements of our creative style and business approach, so we're always looking for smarter ways to solve our biggest problems,” comments Tally Hultgren, Chief Insight Officer at Chemistry.

“We aren't afraid to blow sh#t up to get to the perfect solution and that’s why we love working with Sympler. They have a relentless drive to get to the deepest insights and don't stop at the first answers, but deploy a range of techniques that probe for the most unexpected truths. Working with them is a true meeting of minds!”

“It’s 2023, but the world is still relying on 20th-century research methods,” says Sympler Co-Founder and CEO Ben Jenkins. “Whereas current research tools only speak to 20% of our decision-making process--our conscious behavior, Sympler fills the gap and taps into the other 80%.”