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Sympler & NBC to Co-Present at IIEX North America: The Robots Are Us. How to Re-human Data Before it's too Late

Sympler Co-founder Ben Jenkins is thrilled to speak at IIEX in Austin April 17 - 18. Joined alongside NBC's Shannon McKenzie, the two will talk about the importance - and necessity - of vulnerability, playfulness, and imagination in the research process, ensuring these human elements aren't overshadowed by the rise of AI.

In their presentation, they will illustrate how infusing even a small amount of humanity, play, intimacy, and humor can bring about significant transformations in research outcomes. Drawing from a study conducted for NBC that explored the impact of controversial content, they uncovered a genuinely honest, nuanced, and even vulnerable TV-viewing audience—a revelation that both captivated and inspired.

Can't make it to Austin? No problem - happy to provide our presentation!

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