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Business Investment in AI Wildly Out of Sync with Consumer Demand

Sympler's AI Sentiment Report Reveals a Gap Between Consumer Expectations and Business Adoption of AI Technology

New York, NY - Virtually every business across every sector is looking to make 2023 investments in AI. Based on the Scale Zeitgeist AI Readiness Report for 2023, the majority of industries are focusing on post-purchase and internal operations using AI technology. Meanwhile, consumers seem to be primarily interested in utilizing AI for the initial stages of product discovery and comparison.

Sympler's May AI Sentiment Tracker found an overall Excitement versus Fear ratio of 0.9, showing that consumers have a slightly higher level of concern than excitement when it comes to AI being used by businesses in their day-to-day lives. Another interesting factor is that while a large number of consumers are experimenting with services like ChatGPT, the majority of favorable AI experiences are currently around voice and image enhancement apps that are used in social media environments.

We are also seeing the start of a hidden minefield that businesses will need to successfully navigate to bring AI-enabled services and products to market. There is currently a dichotomy amongst consumers with some seeing AI positively as “unbiased” and “non-judgemental” and some negatively, associating it with “loss of human experience” and “distrustful.”

While businesses view AI in a more Machiavellian way of cutting expenses and making money, they will need to navigate the human perception of their actions to ensure they don’t destroy their brand reputation.

“Sympler’s AI Sentiment Tracker has launched at the right time for brands to pause and reflect,” said John Schiela, Chief Client Officer at Sympler. “Although consumers will benefit from the improved efficiency enabled by AI, businesses stand to profit greatly by utilizing AI to create innovative products and services that capture the consumer's imagination and align with their ever-evolving desires for AI integration in their lives.”

Check out the full report: Massive Gap Between AI Business Plans & Consumer Demands.